Erik Schlimmer is a brand ambassador, fundraiser, writer, speaker, and disabled veteran based in Colorado's Rocky Mountains. His outdoor experience and his passion to share it has been summed, "His knowledge is vast, his demeanor unassuming, and his attitude superb." Erik's writing has been described as "monumental effort" and "relentless."

Erik has been employed as an Appalachian Trail caretaker and ridge runner, Adirondack Park and Catskill Park backcountry ranger, professional trail builder, outdoor education professor, MTV Made Coach, veteran advocate, and mental health professional. He possesses a Master's in Clinical Social Work and is a licensed therapist, specializing in working with veterans. Erik founded The Hiking Veteran in 2020 to demonstrate that a veteran with disabilities can be an outstanding ambassador and adventurer who raises funds for veterans.

He's the author of ten books: Thru Hiker's Guide to America, Blue Line to Blue Line, History Inside the Blue Line, My Adirondacks, Among the Cloud Splitters, Cradle of the Union, Color Remote, From Northville to Placid, With an Ax and a Rifle, and Deep History. A proud podcast tramp, Erik has appeared on Adventure Sports Podcast, Aptitude Outdoors Podcast, Deb's Data Dojo, Department of Veterans Affairs Borne the Battle Podcast, Do Big Things Podcast, East to West Hunting Podcast, Foot Stuff Podcast, The 46 of 46 Podcast, The UFO Rabbit Hole Podcast, and UFO Garage Podcast.
Veteran Fundraising
Erik chose to serve in the military partly because his grandfather, Richard Ward, had served. Richard entered the Army in 1943 as a field lineman, and on June 6, 1944, he took part in the amphibian assault of Omaha Beach in German-occupied France. He fought throughout the European Theater with the 29th Infantry Division for two years and survived the Battle of the Bulge. He was awarded the American Defense Service Ribbon...
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Brand Ambassador
As a respected brand ambassador, Erik can promote your brand in four ways. SPEAKING - He's spoken at 100 venues and won competitive speaking events – he's here to give multimedia presentations that take audiences on adventures you support. WRITING - He's written thirty articles and authored seven books – he's here to write glowing gear reviews and bodacious blog posts. EXPOSURE - He's camped 1,000 nights, climbed 2,000 mountains...
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Erik is an adventurer at heart. He has thru-hiked the Baker Trail, Cohos Trail, Florida Trail, Long Path, Long Trail, Metacomet-Monadnock Trail, and Tahoe Rim Trail and traversed Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Allegheny National Forest. He's also hiked the Catskill Park's 320-mile trail system and crossed this range's high peaks via a 140-mile route. Primarily a mountain climber, Erik has summited every peak above 2,000 feet...
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