Beyond the 240-mile Trans Adirondack Route, Friends of the Trans Adirondack Route offers an even stiffer challenge: hike every mile of established foot trail within High Peaks Wilderness Area.

The trail system of this 193,000-acre wilderness area, as of 2016 when this challenge was begun, totals 268 miles via 79 trails ranging from 0.1 miles to 33.2 miles in length. During a quest to hike every mile a hiker will visit the state's tallest rock face (700-foot-tall Wallface Cliff), highest peak (5,344-foot Mount Marcy), highest body of water (Lake Tear of the Clouds at 4,318 feet), and summit eighteen High Peaks. Beyond these grand features a hiker will visit remote bodies of water, churning rivers, silent forests, and the nicest campsites in the park.

To get started, consult the chapter "Modern Explorers – Trails" in Among the Cloud Splitters: Place Names of High Peaks Wilderness Area, which is available through the Merchandise page of this website. This chapter contains the complete list of trails with accompanying mileages. Once you hike every mile of trail, click on the Buy Now tab below. You'll be directed to a link where you can order your official trail completer patch and official completer certificate for $15, which includes shipping. Once we receive your order we'll add your name to the official completer roster below.

Oh, and congratulations!

High Peaks Wilderness Area Trail System Completers

Erik Schlimmer -- 2016
Jared Whalen -- 2018

* In 2018, High Peaks Wilderness Area was expanded to 275,000 acres due to the inclusion of a handful of small tracts to the southeast and Dix Mountain Wilderness Area to the east. These additions add approximately 35 miles of trails, but there is no need to hike these "new" trails. Anyone who started or finished the High Peaks Wilderness Area trails challenge prior to 2018 will be grandfathered into the above roster.

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