Erik Schlimmer's outdoor experience and his passion to share it has been summed, "His knowledge is vast, his demeanor unassuming, and his attitude superb." His writing has been described as "monumental effort" and "relentless."

Erik is an adventurer at heart. He has thru-hiked the Baker Trail, Cohos Trail, Florida Trail, Long Path, Long Trail, Metacomet-Monadnock Trail, and Tahoe Rim Trail and traversed Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Allegheny National Forest. He's also hiked the Catskill Park's 320-mile trail system and crossed this range's high peaks via a 140-mile route. Primarily a mountain climber, Erik has summited every peak above 2,000 feet in the Catskills (including the 200 highest during winter), every peak above 2,500 feet in the Adirondacks (including the 217 3,000-footers during winter), every peak above 3,000 feet in New England, and every peak above 5,000 feet in the South. He's also reached forty state high points and Lake Tahoe's dozen peaks above 10,000 feet. Erik has completed a 2,300-mile mountain bike ride along the U.S.-Mexico border and a 2,700-mile ride from Canada to Mexico on routes he designed himself, and he's paddled the Susquehanna and Delaware rivers from source to sea. He's now working on his "Quincentenary Peaks Project," a mission to climb 500 mountains in Colorado above 10,000 feet.

Erik's most familiar with the Adirondack Mountains. He has visited every named topographic feature within Hammond Pond Wild Forest, Hoffman Notch Wilderness Area, Giant Mountain Wilderness Area, Lake George Wild Forest, Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area, Shaker Mountain Wild Forest, Siamese Ponds Wilderness Area, Silver Lake Wilderness Area, and Wilcox Lake Wild Forest – more than 800 features across 600,000 acres; completed a 110-mile loop hike of High Peaks Wilderness Area; hiked the 135-mile Northville Placid Trail four times; thru-hiked the 240-mile Trans Adirondack Route twice; and traversed the 270-mile High Peaks Wilderness Area trail system.

For outdoor work, Erik has been employed as an Appalachian Trail caretaker, Adirondack Park and Catskill Park backcountry ranger, trail builder, outdoor educator, MTV Made Coach, and professional bird catcher. He possesses a masters degree in clinical social work and is a licensed therapist, specializing in working with veterans. A veteran himself, Erik served as an 82nd Airborne Division paratrooper, being stationed in Georgia, North Carolina, and Central America.

He's the author of Thru Hiker's Guide to America (2010), Blue Line to Blue Line (2013), History Inside the Blue Line (2014), My Adirondacks (2015), Among the Cloud Splitters (2016), Cradle of the Union (2019), and Color Remote (2019). His next book, With an Ax and a Rifle, will be released in 2023. Media outlets to feature Erik include BBC Business Daily, WNYT Forum 13, Northeast Public Radio, Foot Stuff Podcast, East to West Hunting Podcast, and Adventure Sports Podcast. Adirondack Sports, Adirondack Life, National Geographic Adventure, AMC Outdoors, regional newspapers, and the alumni magazines of Plattsburgh State University and University at Albany have also shared his experiences.

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