"Erik Schlimmer has become an Adirondack steward, as interested in the history of the Adirondacks and the people who loved the land before him as he is in the region's future."

Through Friends of the Trans Adirondack Route, Erik Schlimmer, the route’s founder, offers three one-hour-long programs.


"True Wilderness: The Adirondack Mountains and the Trans Adirondack Route": Erik’s 100 best images from his explorations of this range during all four seasons are shared among a backdrop of adventurous tales.

"Adirondack Place Names: Why is That Thing Over There Called That?": Nearly 100 place names are historically decoded in rousing detail. As Erik likes to say, "Behind every name there's a story, and the story's usually pretty good."

"My Adirondacks": A selection of readings from My Adirondacks: Ten Stories from Twenty Years, which was voted Best Memoir by the Adirondack Center for Writing.


During a fourteen-venue tour, 100% of hosts reported they were completely satisfied with Erik’s programming. During this same tour, 200 anonymous audience members were asked, "Would you attend another presentation by Erik?" 99% answered "yes," 1% answered "probably," and 0% answered "no."


Erik possesses a bachelors degree in Speech Communication with a concentration in Public Speaking. His programs have been hosted by more than fifty venues.


Small venues within 100 miles of Albany, New York, are asked for a $200 donation payable to Friends of the Trans Adirondack Route. As venue size and distance from the Capital Region of New York increase, so do fees. The highest fee is $1,000 plus accommodations. To present, all we need is a display table and a PowerPoint projector and screen. To inquire about hosting these programs, please visit our Contact page.

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