Through Beechwood Books and Friends of the Trans Adirondack Route, Erik Schlimmer is available to present any of these five one-hour-long programs.


"2,000 Mountains: Three Decades of Peakbagging"
Fewer than fifty Americans have climbed more than 2,000 mountains, and Erik's one of them. Here he shares 100 images from the greatest mountain ranges of the U.S.

"True Wilderness: The Adirondacks and the Trans Adirondack Route"
Erik’s 100 best images from the largest park and forest preserve in the Lower Forty-Eight are shared among a discussion of adventure, history, and ecology.

"Adirondack Place Names: Why is That Thing Called That?"
100 place names are historically decoded in rousing detail via years of place name research. As Erik likes to say, "Behind every name there's a story, and the story's usually pretty good."

"Cradle of the Union: Albany History Uncovered"
New York's capital city has 800 streets, and thus as many street names. Erik takes audiences on a virtual tour of street names, weaving among war heroes, criminals, Founding Fathers, and Dutch settlers.

"My Adirondacks"
A reading of select sections of My Adirondacks: Ten Stories from Twenty Years, voted Best Memoir by the Adirondack Center for Writing.


During a fourteen-venue tour, 100% of hosts reported they were completely satisfied with our programming. During this same tour, 200 audience members were anonymously asked, "Would you attend another presentation by Erik?" 99% answered "yes," 1% answered "probably," and 0% answered "no."


Erik possesses a bachelors degree in Speech Communication with a concentration in Public Speaking, and he's been honored with writing, teaching, and speaking awards. He has spoken at more than 100 venues (and broken attendance records at ten of them). Hosts include Empire State College, Paul Smith's College, the New York State Library, Plattsburgh State University, Green Mountain College, Appalachian Mountain Club, and Mystic Seaport Museum.


Small venues, such as rural libraries and historical societies, within 100 miles of our headquarters in Colorado Springs are asked to meet a $200 fee. Large venues, such as social clubs and universities, are asked to meet a $500 fee. Venues more than 100 miles from our headquarters are asked to cover travel costs. To present, all we need is a large display table, in-house AV projector and screen, and Internet access. We'll take care of the rest. To inquire about hosting our programming, visit our Contact page.

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