"Erik Schlimmer," UFO Encounters Worldwide Podcast, 2022
Mental health treatment options for UAP experiencers shared by our founding member

"Erik Schlimmer, UAP Therapist," The UFO Rabbit Hole Podcast, 2022
First podcast appearance by our founding member to talk UAPs and their mental health implications

"Experiencer Therapy With Erik Schlimmer," UFO Garage Podcast, 2022
Mental health treatment options regarding UAP experiencers are explained by our founding member

"Adirondack Settlers History," The 46 of 46 Podcast, 2022
The question "Who settled the Adirondack Mountains?" is answered by our founding member

"Erik Schlimmer," UAP Studies Podcast, 2021
UAPs and experiencer mental health are discussed by our founding member

"The (Serial) Hiking (Army) Veteran, Erik Schlimmer," Borne the Battle Podcast, 2020
His military experience, outdoor adventures, and mental health work discussed by our founding member

"Creating the Trans Adirondack Route and Hiking the Florida Trail," Orange Blaze Podcast, 2020
The Trans Adirondack Route and Florida Trail, redheaded stepchildren of trails, discussed by our founding member

"The Hiking Veteran," Do Big Things Podcast, 2020
East versus West peakbagging, long-distance hiking, and guzzling untreated water with our founding member

"Erik Schlimmer, an Adirondack Legend," The 46 of 46 Podcast, 2020
Our founding member talks everything Adirondacks and beyond

"Erik Schlimmer," Backpacker Radio, 2020
Our founding member discusses thru-hiking, peakbagging, toponyms, and bird catching

"The State of the Adirondacks With Author Erik Schlimmer," The 46 of 46 Podcast, 2020
Our founding member talks shop on Adirondack Park management best practices

"Adventurer Erik Schlimmer," Aptitude Outdoors Podcast, 2020
Our founding member shares some of his best lifetime adventures

"A History of Northeast Peakbagging," Foot Stuff Podcast, 2019
Our founding member makes a return visit to discuss mountain history and writing

"Creating Your Own Thru-Hiking Route," The Adventure Sports Podcast, 2019
Our founding member talks about pretty much everything about wilderness

"Trans Adirondack Route, Reverse Retirement, and Thru-hiking," East-West Hunt Podcast, 2019
Our founding member discusses hiking while young, thru-hiking, and place name history

"The Trans Adirondack Route and Place Name History," Foot Stuff Podcast, 2018
Our founding member talks Trans Adirondack Route and why things are named the way they are

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